Much Ado About Nothing

(Production) Produced by Essex Community Players

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William Shakespeare (Playwright), Rowan DerbyBurras (Director), Peggy Bonesteel (Producer), & Becky Laird (Producer)

Starring: David DiLego, Alicia Banach, April Palmer, Austyn Bevins, Julianna Banach, Ethan Alshrue, Jennifer Benjamin, Grace Baker, Charlotte Norris, Taylor Cammer, AJ Banach, Andy Sebranek, Shannon Smullen, Kevin Cahoon, Katie Pierson, Nathalie Stapleton, Terri-Ann Bradley, & Scott Mitchell

Everyone can see that confirmed bachelor Benedick and headstrong Beatrice are meant for each other. While their friends try to trick the bickering pair into admitting they’re in love, their young sidekicks Hero and Claudio start a romance of their own. But false accusations, broken promises, and even a nutty and bumbling police force may prevent a happy ending. Much Ado About Nothing is one of the greatest romantic comedies ever, full of colorful charact...

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