The Gift of the Magi

Produced by Viva La Musica Vermont @ Barre Universalist Church & Plainfield Town Hall Opera House

November 29, 2018 - December 6, 2018


Behind the scenes

Jessica Della Pepa (Director, Conductor), David Conte (Composer), & Nicholas Giardini (Libretto)


Luke Scott, Nessa Rabin, Merrill Cameron, & David Connor

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“One dollar and eighty seven cents. That was all… and the next day would be Christmas.” David Conté’s musical rendition of O’Henry’s classic short story is a touching tale of Della and Jim, who have vowed not to give each other Christmas gifts due to their poor financial situation. However, on Christmas Eve, they both decide to sell their most precious possessions in order to purchase what they believe the other wants most. Maggie and Henry, confidantes of the couple, try in futility to dissuade them from their plans. In the end, the young couple find that they give something far greater than their most treasured possessions. Directed by Jessica Della Pepa- Clayton, our production will be utilizing Vermont and regional singers, and a chamber orchestra comprised of all Vermont instrumentalists. We are presenting the opera this year as a staged reading. Performance dates: November 29, 30, December 1 at 7:30pm, December December 2 at 2pm. December 6 7:30 pm Barre, VT (venue TBA) For pre-sale tickets, visit www.vivalamusicavermont.com/tickets

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