Tooth and Claw

(Production) Produced by Ensemble Studio Theatre

April 4, 2004 - May 2, 2004

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Dave P. Moore (Director) & Michael Hollinger (Playwright)

Starring: Gloria Biegler, Flora Diaz, Nick Ullett, Noel VĂ©lez, & Nathan A. Perez

Biologist Schuyler Baines arrives in the Galapagos Islands to run the Darwin Research Center, full of ideas and the best intentions. When she becomes aware of an exploding black market that threatens to destroy the islands' fragile ecosystem, Schuyler shuts the industry down, sparking a deadly, survival-of-the-fittest conflict with native fishermen. A compelling exploration- based on actual events- of evolution, extinction, and the ever-present nature of Darwin's 'struggle for life.