Pieces of Work

(Production) Produced by The Parish Players

February 15, 2019 - February 17, 2019

Starring: Alan Haehnel, Dov Taylor, George Spencer, Laine Gillespie, Ken Burchard, Judith Taylor, Kim Meredith, Matt Protas, Margaret Albee, Miles Conklin, Pat Glowa, Beth Crowe, Jerry Brightman, Barry Wenig, Don Kollisch, & Jim Hughes

Come hear your friends and neighbors share stories of the work that helped shape their lives. Stories of farm work, journalism, trade with China, surgery, birth, mothering, murder, and much more. A few stories will be told through song. Two casts will perform on alternate days over two weekends.

There are two groups of Storytellers for this production that are performing on different nights. Here they are:

STORYTELLERS GROUP #1 will perform on Friday,...

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