The Idiot Box

(Production) Produced by Openfist Theatre Company

July 13, 2007 - August 25, 2007

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Michael Elyanow (Playwright) & Jeremy B. Cohen (Director)

Starring: Dominic Spillane, Anna Khaja, Tisha Terrasini-Banker, Amanda Weier, Corena Chase, David Castellani, Conor Lane, & Rod Sweitzer

Michael Elyanow’s TV parody “The Idiot Box” focuses on a group of somewhat familiar friends, a microcosm for the macrocosm of 50-plus years of TV comedy tropes we all know by heart. The play neatly defines the parameters of the sitcom world, from the “wacky mix-ups” that would never occur in life to the almost metronomic recurrence of a laugh track, and then cleverly explodes them. The Open Fist Theater Company’s West Coast premiere production of this witty, audacious work succeeds brilliantl...

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