TINTYPES: A Musical Celebration of America

Produced by ArtisTree Music Theatre Festival and presented by ArtisTree Community Arts Center @ The Grange Theatre at ArtisTree

65 Stage Road, South Pomfret, VT, United States

September 19, 2019 - October 5, 2019


Behind the scenes

Mary Kyte (Concept), Mel Marvin (Concept), Gary Pearle (Concept), & Gary John La Rosa (Director)

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A Musical Celebration of America. Tintypes chronicles the growing pains of a nation in a musical revue that takes the audience back to turn of the century America, when the innocent, slower-paced days of ice cream socials and hoop skirts are giving way to a bustling world of automobiles, electricity and the telephone, where American optimism and ingenuity run high in leaders like J.P. Morgan, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. It is also a time of growing social turmoil, as increased immigration begins to change the cultural and ethnic makeup of the nation.

TINTYPES is a tune-filled musical melting pot; the ‘Great American Songbook’ come to life. It offers a snapshot of America in its last Age of Innocence. This Tony-nominated, nostalgic, musical revue takes us back to turn of the century America and is a brew of popular songs from 1890 to 1917. It's the era of Charlie Chaplin and Teddy Roosevelt. Featuring a long list of great American tunes: “Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight,” “Meet Me In St. Louis,” “Yankee Doodle Boy,” and “You're a Grand Old Flag” this American musical revue is sure to be a hit for the entire family.

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