Road Pitch 2017

Produced by Fresh Tracks Capital @ Green Mountain Technology and Career Center, Catamount Arts Center, Vermont Granite Museum, Vermont Technical Center, & Robert Gibson River Garden (+ 5 Venues)

July 31, 2017 - August 4, 2017


Behind the scenes

Cairn Cross (Road Pitch Founder), Brian McKenna (Bennington Organizer), Linda Rossi (Randolph Organizer), Laurel Butler (Randolph Organizer), David Rubel (Barre Organizer), Lyle Jepson (Rutland Organizer), Jan Marinelli (Grand Isle Organizer), Steven Mason (Lowell Organizer), & Trish Sears (Lowell Organizer)


Road Pitch was founded in 2014 by Cairn Cross, co-founder and managing director of FreshTracks Capital. The event is a multi-day motorcycle trip around Vermont where a pack of motorcycle riders with investing, entrepreneurial/business and business advisory experience ride together and stop in small towns where “Local Hosts” have organized a pitch session for entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas to the group.

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1 Review

Amazing Show

by Rick Egeland (12/14/17)

Road Pitch is what introduced me to TheaterEngine and inspired the idea for the National StartUp Association!