Winter Tales 2019: 15th Anniversary

Produced by Vermont Stage @ Main Street Landing

60 Lake Street, Burlington, VT, United States

December 11, 2019 - December 15, 2019


Behind the scenes

Mark Nash (Concept) & Cristina Alicea (Director)


Kathryn Blume, Colleen Ovelman, Geoffrey Gevalt, & Stephen Kiernan

Performance Type



Pour yourself a cup of hot cider, grab a plate of molasses cookies, and join us for our 15th annual holiday tradition filled with funny and heartfelt stories and songs to shine a bit of sunlight on the dark days of winter.

Featuring brand new stories by Kathryn Blume, Geoffrey Gevalt, and Stephen Kiernan, and an old favorite by Colleen Ovelman; poetry brought to you by the Young Writers Project; and songs written and performed by Patti Casey and Pete Sutherland.  

Featured Stories

Eight and a Half Things I Didn't Want for Christmas by Colleen Ovelman

This Winter Tales favorite is about one Mom's funny and heartfelt list of the many unwanted and surprising gifts she has received over the years. 

Willie by Geoffrey Gevalt

A retired man, haunted by memories of his life on the farm, sells his equipment and animals in preparation to move when unexpected visitors get him to reconsider.

Cold by Stephen Kiernan

When a young man can't decide whether or not he should go to grad school, he decides to go on a winter solo camping trip and discovers more along the way then he bargained for.

The Mission by Kathryn Blume

In the face of darkness, one selfless man provides a bit of light, warmth, and music for some of Los Angeles' most vulnerable citizens.


Kathryn Blume

Patti Casey

Marianne DiMascio

Bob Nuner

Paul Schnabel

Pete Sutherland

Production Team

Lighting Designer: Jamien Forrest

Technical Director: Chuck Padula

Stage Manager: Jules Calnan​

Assistant Stage Manager: Juls Sundberg

Master Electrician: Avery Bacon

Running Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes, including a 15 minute intermission. Winter Tales is appropriate for all ages.




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