(Production) Produced by NVU - Johnson Theater @ Dibden Center for the Arts

337 College Hill Road, Johnson, VT, USA

November 7, 2019 - November 10, 2019

Laura Roald (Director), Jenna Knight (Stage Manager / Lighting Designer), & Krystina Broscko (Assistant Director)

Starring: Katelyn Shaw, Anna Sargent, & Gabby Colby-George

In a rural parsonage, the three Brontë sisters write with a passion that jumps off the page. In 1845, their brother Branwell returns home in disgrace, dismissed from his employment in scandal, and throws their closed world into chaos. As their brother descends into addiction and insanity, his sisters, Anne, Charlotte and Emily, attempt to keep the household together - and write more furiously than ever before. Polly Teale's literary exploration of thei...

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