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FantasyFest: A TenFest Halloween Extravaganza

Produced by The Vermont Playwrights Circle, The Valley Players, & Grange Hall Cultural Center @ The Grange Hall Cultural Center & The Valley Players Theater

October 31, 2019 - November 10, 2019


Behind the scenes

Bette Carlson Siler (Playwright "Easy on the Coffee"), Andrew Barnaby (Playwright "Hamlet, the Lost Final Scene"), Dvora Zipkin (Playwright "Home Sweet Home"), Susan K. Bauchner (Playwright "Something Like"), Jeff Casey (Playwright "Not With a Bang"), Jeanne Beckwith (Playwright "The Suppliants"), Henry Sherran (Playwright "Tech Shift"), Colleen Curran (Playwright "The Sunset Gals"), Jack Rushton (Playwright "George's Radio"), & Patrick Cornacchio (Playwright "Genie in a Teapot")

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A festival of ten, ten-minute plays by ten Vermont playwrights, FantasyFest features the theme of “plays of the fantastic.” Now in its 12th year, this TenFest continues to be hosted by the Valley Players in Waitsfield and to be performed as part of the Vermont Festival of the Arts, but this year the Grange Hall Cultural Center in Waterbury Center joins us as our second weekend sponsor.

Plays and authors are as follows:

Easy on the Coffee by Bette Carlson Siler

Hamlet, the Lost Final Scene by Andrew Barnaby

Home Sweet Home by Dvora Zipkin

Something Like by Susan Bauchner

Not with a Bang by Jeffrey Casey

The Suppliants by Jeanne Beckwith

Tech Shift by Henry Sherran

The Sunset Gals by Colleen Curran

George’s Radio by Jack Rushton

Genie in a Teapot by Patrick Cornacchio

For questions or more info, email: Or contact Vince Broderick, Artistic Director – 802-249-2632 or Kim Ward, Producer – 802-229-0112

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