As You Like It

(Production) Produced by Plainfield Little Theatre @ Plainfield Town Hall Opera House

18 Main Street, Plainfield, VT, USA

February 13, 2020 - February 23, 2020

William Shakespeare (Playwright) & Tom Blachly (Director)

Starring: Sorsha Anderson, Richard Littauer, Pollaidh Major, Matthew Grant Winston, David Klein, Clarke Jordan, Carl Etnier, Jesse Clayton, Jessica Della Pepa, Robbie Harold, Cynthia Seckler, Fergus Ryan, Macey Mayfield, Jim Hogue, Jessica Goodlin, Sonia Howlett, & Stetson Cozza

'AS YOU LIKE IT', William Shakespeare's timeless comedy, directed by Tom Blachly. A wondrous world of wit, transformation, and imagination. Exiled from the controlling confines of the court, Duke Senior and his daughter Rosalind seek refuge — and find much more — in the unconstrained Forest of Arden.