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2019 Ten Minute Play Festival

Produced by The Parish Players @ Eclipse Grange Theatre

193 Academy Rd, Thetford, VT 05074, USA

November 7, 2019 - November 17, 2019


Behind the scenes

Faith Catlin (Playwright "DNR"), Richard Pauli (Playwright "The New Me"), James Menges (Playwright "Mother Knows Best"), Jeff Carter (Playwright "Last Words"), Glenn Alterman (Playwright "Yours and Mine"), Robert J. LeBlanc (Playwright "Heartworm"), & Nicole Amsler (Playwright "Holiday Cards")

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7 plays, 6 directors, 18 actors. Don't miss it. 

November 7, 8, 9, 14,15,16 @ 7:30

November 10, 17 @ 3:00


Written By Faith Catlin

Directed by Sharon Trautwein

Sylvia: Perry Allison

Daniel: Dan Patterson

Aaron: Andrew Carmichael

The New Me

Written by Richard Pauli

Directed by Faith Catlin

Sylvie: Jeannie Hines

Edward: Mary Ann Stanford

Mother Knows Best

Written by James Menges

Directed by Marilyn Mason

​Wilma: Julianna Czum

Fred: Ken Burchard

Mother: Lisa Elder

Last Words

Written by Jeff Carter

Directed by Hetty Thomae

Ray: Ken Burchard

Faye: Janet Eller

Jay: Jerry Brightman

Yours and Mine

Written by Glenn Alterman

Directed by Perry Allison

Pamela: Becky Bailey

Sheridan: Jim Schley


Written by Robert J. LeBlanc

Directed by Toni Egger

Sean: Dan Naranjo

Geoff: Nahele Adams

Holiday Cards

Written by Nicole Amsler

Directed by Toni Egger

Bernie: Brenda Danielson

Darlene: Jaki Frisina

Audrey: Gabrielle Confer

Colleen: Taylor Burgess

Jack: Nahele Adams

Phillip: Dan Naranjo

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