Jane Burchard Ensemble
Merrill Cameron Ensemble
Megan Beaucage Ensemble
Emma Tichner Ensemble
Kim Nowlan Hathaway Ensemble
Pam Toof Ensemble
Tabitha Kittle Ensemble
Sarah Connor Christine Colgate
Hayley Ryan Jolene Oakes
Elizabeth Pattison Ensemble
Ryan Morra Lawrence Jameson
Jayden Choquette Freddy Benson
Chloƫ Fidler Muriel Eubanks
Don Patrick O'Connell Andre Thibault
Brita Down Ensemble
Megan Fariel Ensemble
Tara Mayhew Ensemble
Mike Brayton Ensemble
Evan Brown Ensemble
Paul Carlile Ensemble
Samuel Dickin Ensemble
Bob Driver Ensemble
Ian Ferris Ensemble
Isaiah Gilbert Ensemble
Chris Martens Ensemble
Rob Parzych Ensemble
Andy Whitaker Ensemble
Kaitie Bessette Ensemble
Jeffrey Lane Book
David Yazbek Music and Lyrics
Andrea Cronan Director
Martin Hain Music Director
Howard Kalfus Asst. Music Director
Carol Schein Rehearsal Pianist
Kate Whalen Choreographer
Doris O'Brien Asst. Choreographer
Freda Tutt Stage Manager
Donna Riera Asst. Stage Manager
Ann Vivian Scenic Design
Lyn Feinson Costume Design
Tom Dunn Lighting Design
Andy Pearson Asst. Lighting Design, Master Electrician
Belinda Emerson Asst. Lighting Design
Sarah Crowley Make Up Design
Ron Cook Hair Design
Jennifer Honeywood Hair Design
Ted Anderson Technical Director
Doug Viehmann Set Engineer
Tim Henderson Set Construction
Charlie Church Set Construction
Cathey Covey Set Decoration
Lesley Graham Properties
Debby Dot Decker Costume Construction
George Henry Safety and Security
Bill McSalis Safety and Security
Erin Evarts Promotions
Don O'Connell Logo Graphic Design
Hannah Marshall Promotional Wear
Elizabeth Wilkins House Manager
Linda Whalen Program
Ryan Bent Photography
Jose Rincon Executive Director

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0 Reviews

Production Description

DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS takes us to the French Riviera where a hilarious battle of con artists ensues.
Sophisticated, suave with a good dash of mischief, this hysterical comedy features a delightfully jazzy score by David Yazbek (The Full Monty) and was nominated for a staggering eleven Tony Awards.

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