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Diana of Dobson's

Produced by Unadilla Theatre @ Unadilla Theatre

501 Blachly Rd, Marshfield, VT 05658

July 19, 2018 - August 4, 2018


Behind the scenes

Jeanne Beckwith (Director)


Rebecca Haines Pearish, Mia Palmiero, Kayla-Rose Kirkland, Christine Williamson, Jeanne Beckwith, Kim Julow, Sarah McDougal, F. Brett Cox, & Paul Cavaliere

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Shop Assistant Diana Massingberd is a spirited young woman destined to live a life of genteel poverty when she unexpectedly inherits a small but not insignificant sum of money. The sensible plan would be to put it in the bank, but this is not for Diana - she decides to spend it all in a blaze of glory. A trip abroad in the guise of a rich young widow brings her to the Swiss Alps, and to an unexpected meeting with an aristocratic young man who falls for her - or is it perhaps just for her money? Written in 1908 by journalist, actress and suffragette Cicely Hamilton, Diana of Dobson's is a delightful Girl's-Own adventure with a feminist twist. Actress Lena Ashwell, who played Diana during the play's original run in London, wrote, "I reveled in every second, enjoyed every line I had to speak!

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