(Production) Produced by The Quilting Project @ College of St. Joseph & The Brandon Inn

March 10, 2018 - April 7, 2018

Jennifer Bagley (Director), Barbara Damashek (Music, Book, and Lyrics), & Molly Newman (Book)

Starring: Maureen Sullivan, Melissa Chesnut Tangerman, Mikki Lane, Julia Doiron, Tegan Waite, & Marsha Cassel

Admission by free will offering. "Quilters" is a musical based on the journals of pioneer women who settled the west and found time to create quilts after building cabins, raising children, growing crops, fighting the forces of nature, enduring hardships and isolation. Each vignette is based on one of 16 quilting squares to tell the story of these women's lives. Their collaboration and strength have powerful messages for women today.