The Member of the Wedding

(Production) Produced by Williamstown Theatre Festival @ ’62 Center for Theatre and Dance

1000 Main Street, Williamstown, MA, USA

August 5, 2018 - August 19, 2018

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Carson McCullers (Playwright) & Gaye Taylor Upchurch (Director)

Starring: Tavi Gevinson, Ben Ahlers, Vinie Burrows, Will Cobbs, Louisa Jacobson, Tom Pecinka, Liv Rooth, Rosyln Ruff, & Logan Schuyler Smith

Gaye Taylor Upchurch directs this revival of Carson McCullers’ beloved play. On the eve of a family wedding in 1945, housekeeper Berenice Sadie Brown can’t calm the nerves of her 12-year-old charge, Frankie (Tavi Gevinson). Berenice has raised Frankie and her cousin John Henry as though they are her own children. But as their companion, playfellow, and mother figure, Berenice is suddenly struggling to protect them from the harsh, racially motivated injustices lurking just outside their Southe...

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