Dangerous House

(Production) Produced by Williamstown Theatre Festival @ ’62 Center for Theatre and Dance

1000 Main Street, Williamstown, MA, USA

August 8, 2018 - August 19, 2018

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Jen Silverman (Playwright) & Saheem Ali (Director)

Starring: Phillip James Brannon, Michael Braun, Alfie Fuller, & Samira Wiley

Noxolo is an aspiring footballer from Cape Town who moved to London for a fresh start. With the World Cup coming to South Africa and the mounting sense that her ex-lover is in peril, she is pulled back. Will Noxolo risk her safety to unravel the secrets of a life she swore to leave behind? Saheem Ali directs Jen Silverman’s new play that asks what one woman can do for her people, her nation, and for the love of her life.