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Catch the Fever: An Evening with Fabrizio and the Fever

Produced by Berkshire Theatre Group @ The Colonial Theatre

111 South Street, Pittsfield, MA 01201, USA

May 18, 2018


Performance Type

Live Music


The band, dubbed, “genre-gypsies” pull from a plethora of inspirations including classical, country, rock, Americana, folk-rock as well as pop and hip-hop music. The band premiered in October 2013 with an opening slot for super group Boston at the Colonial Theatre in Massachusetts. FnF earned notoriety when they were chosen by Nashville’s Lightning 100 as “Artist of the Week” in 2014 with their song, “Lately I’ve Been Waiting.” Also, their song “California” was the winner in a song contest on Nashville’s Hippie Radio 94.5 and five other songs from their debut album, “Nunchuck Fury” have been placed in numerous podcasts located throughout the Los Angeles area. Fabrizio has written songs and jingles for NBC/CBS and appeared on the ABC show “Nashville” several times during season 4 as a member of Gunner’s band. In 2015 Fabrizio and co-writer Patrick Raines earned “Best Song” in the Nashville 48 hour film festival. Since the inception of FnF the group has released two albums, Fabrizio releasing a total of 7 throughout his 15 year career.

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