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TheaterEngine is the only platform built to showcase and promote both your live shows and your streaming shows. Your audience can sort by location to find your live shows, while your streaming shows are available to everyone, everywhere. Link to your existing ticketing platform or sell tickets directly on TheaterEngine.

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Your Credits

Your biggest fans are coming to your show because of the artists involved. Your “on stage” and “off stage” credits. TheaterEngine is the only event listing site that prominently showcases the individual artists that make your show happen while linking to profile pages that your artists can claim and manage.


Press Reviews and User Reviews. Did you get a nice feature, or a review in the paper? Show it off! Invite your audience to leave a review directly on your page. TheaterEngine is the only event listing site where you can display your press reviews and user reviews directly on your show page.


Make money from your showpage! TheaterEngine is recruiting businesses who believe that the performing arts are vital to our communities. When we have sponsorships available in your area, you can display them on your show page and earn money each time the sponsor is viewed.


Your upcoming show will display on our homepage, and on every company, artist, or venue page, linked to your show!


When you build a show on TheaterEngine, your information contributes to our performance database of shows, artists, and companies in your area. This information makes it easier for new audience members and new artists to navigate the performance community and to get involved.


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We’re compiling a crowd-sourced database of performing Shows, on and off stage. That means that when the company you’re working for is marketing the show you’re in, TheaterEngine users will find you.

That means that a link to your page can be found on our Home page, Company pages, Venue pages, Show pages, and even other Show pages just by uploading your past and future credits. Allowing you more opportunities to grow your fanbase when they follow you!


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