1040 Mass MoCA Way, North Adams, MA, USA

Managed by: MASS MoCA

Theaters: Joe's Field, Building 5, Kidspace, MASS MoCA, Dré Pavilion, Club B10, Hunter Center



The history of MASS MoCA’s site spans more than two hundred years of economic, industrial, and architectural change, tracing—in the microcosm of this one factory-campus—the arc of industrialization and post-industrialization of New England, and indeed the world. The 16 acres of grounds in North Adams, Massachusetts, encompass a vast complex of 19th-century mill buildings and occupy nearly one-third of the city’s downtown business district. Listed in the National Historic Register, the site’s 26 buildings form an elaborate system of interlocking courtyards and passageways rich with historical association. Bridges, viaducts, elevated walkways, and red brick facades lend a distinct architectural ambiance to the complex, which throughout its history has been a place for innovation and fabrication using the most advanced knowledge and technology of the day.

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